Wednesday, June 10, 2009

31 May 2009 - Parcent in Bloom 2

We invited David and Rosemary for lunch, and to join us for the second day of Parcent in Bloom. Unfortunately the weather was not so good as the previous day, and we were glad that we had walked around the town on the Saturday.

We were booked in for the private gardens tour at 3pm, and fortunately the sky cleared just as we arrived at the first garden. This was Shiela's house, and the garden was beautiful. We then went on to another three gardens, and then walked back to Parcent. We had a drink in the cooperativea, as the band concert was supposed to be held there. In fact it was transferred to another part of the village, but fortunately someone told us before it started.

A very enjoyable day, despite disappointing weather for late May.

30 May 2009 - Parcent in Bloom 1

Parcent in Bloom is a new two day event to encourage the ex pats and the Spanish to celebrate the village. We walked down on Saturday just after it opened, and were surprised to find so many cars and people. Mostly British and German, with very few Spanish in attendence. There were a lot of stalls, and quite a few flower displays. Lets hope that it continues next year, as I am sure it will grow in strength from year to year.

The restraurants seemed to do particularly well. Dave and Sue were swamped with people wanting to book their special €12 lunch, and in fact they had to do two sittings - plus an evening meal.

28 May 2009 - Jack in the Garden

Not sure when these photographs were taken, but we received them in late May. They are the first we have had of Jack for some months, and he has certainly grown up a lot. Stuart and Michelle are having their garden landscaped, and Jack is obviously doing his best to "help". Apparently he spends all of his time there, even when its raining!

27 May 2009 - Calpe with David and Rosemary

We met David and Rosemary for a walk along Calpe promenade to the Old Town. We had hoped to find a suitable restraurant for the Monday Club end of season meal, but unfortunately they all seem to close on a Wednesday!

However we had a lovely walk, and we found the Pensonista, the club for penioners. It was a most impressive building, which looked more like the town hall than an "old persons cafe". We had a coffee on the terrace with views of the Ifach.

Then we had to decide where to go for lunch. I knew that our favourite chinese restraurant was near, but was not sure which way! We left David and Rosemary in the square while we had a look around, and eventually found it. Excellent meal, and excellent value less than €20 for the four of us for a three course menu del dia with half a bottle of wine each.

25 May 2009 - Monday Club Serrella Castle

This walk usually starts from the camp site, which is part way up the mountain. However this walk was led by Sue Bonsor, and she started from Castells instead. She had recently done the walk with CBMW, and they had a car broken into. So she advised that we park in the village.

The route to the castle was new to us, and in my opinion better than our usual one. It involved a long uphill walk on a forestry commission type road, rather than a mosarabic path which we usually take.

Most climbed to the castle, though a few took the opportunity to sit for half an hour below. After the long road climb to the base of the castle no one could blame them.

The return route was also different, and quite a bit longer. So the walk took about 6 hours rather than the usual 5 hours. We stopped off at a restraurant in Castells, also new to me. At €1.75 for a shandy it was the dearest I have paid, though David is convinced it was a bigger glass than usual. I think the landlord just increased his prices to what he assummed was a group of holiday makers.