Monday, June 1, 2009

16 Mar 2009 - Monday Club 2000 Steps

If I had to pick one favourite walk of all those we do with the Monday Club it would have to be this one. Its actually a 2000 Steps Plus walk, as it involves an extension to the bottom of the Inferno Barranco.

This walk is led by Peter, and starts from Benimaurell. We walk down a path towards Fleix, then turn down a steep track which leads to an impressive short tunnel. Then down more steps to the barranco (dry river bed). We follow this river to a large rock cairn, where the 2000 steps begins the return journey.

Here we do an extension for another half hour or so, which takes us to the bottom of the Inferno Barranco, a huge cave like area. Really, really impressive.

Then its back again to the cairn, where we usually have our picnic lunch. Then up the very steep climb to yet more steps. The path goes up, and up and up. Eventually we reach Benimaurell and the cafe for a well deserved beer.

An excellent walk, which we have done twice now. Its a quite strenuous walk, and I think some of our group find it pretty hard going. However its such an enjoyable, and challenging, walk that it would be a pity if we did not attempt it at last once a year.