Tuesday, October 20, 2009

19 Oct 2009 - Olta Circular

Today’s walk was a circular one around Olta, the very distinctive hill overlooking Calpe. Although we have done this walk two or three times before, we still misread the road signs leading to the car park at the camping site. But we had allowed so much time to get there we were still one of the first to arrive.

This walk is shorter than most we do, and drew a good crowd. It was led by Ann, who took us on a route which was new to Jan and I. Normally we tackle a difficult bit of scree, either going up or coming down. It had rained quite a lot recently, and we were concerned that the ground might be difficult. But Ann avoided this section all together and we followed a broad track all the way.

Todays weather forecast was possible light rain in the morning. But despite some cloud it was sunny but cooler than lately for the whole walk. The path was exceptionally muddy, and for the first time here in Spain we had to walk with a build up of mud on our boots. I had forgotten how uncomfortable it can be, and feels like walking on stilts!

The first things everyone did when we stopped for our "banana break" was to scrape the mud off their boots. But as soon as we started walking again it was as thick as ever after a few minutes. Fortunately towards the end of the walk the path was much less muddy.

There is a lovely lunch spot at the church, with picnic tables and toilets. But it is very close to either the start or the end of the walk, depending on which way you walk the circuit. So today we stopped for lunch at an old ruined finca.

This walk may be a little short for some of our more energetic members, but I always enjoy it. It makes a pleasant change not to have to climb mountains, and with the ground so muddy it was a very good choice. Also there are some wonderful views over Calpe and the coast, and all for less physical effort than usual.