Sunday, June 21, 2009

20 Jun 2007 - South Shields Beach

After our morning at the fun fair we had an extended lunch waiting for the rain to stop. After half an hour or so the rain stopped and the skies cleared. We took Jack down on the beach, which he enjoyed just as much as the fun fair. He especially enjoyed the waves, which fascinated him.

20 Jun 2009 - South Shields Fun Fair

Its lovely to be back in UK to visit Stuart, Michelle and Jack, but its not so lovely to exchange June in Parcent for June in Rothbury. The overcoats may appear to be over cautious but sure enough by midday there was heavy rain - and very cold winds.

Before then we had a wonderful time at the fun fair in South Shields. Jack, like most 3 year olds, just loves it. His favourite was the dodgems with his dad, and his dad quite liked it too!