Monday, November 30, 2009

30 Nov 2009 - Col de Rates

What a difference from last week! The temperature has fallen and it was just 7 degrees when we met in Parcent to climb the Col de Rates. We were all well wrapped up for the long approach walk. Even the steep climb to the top did not make us remove our jackets. This photo is taken at the finca which marks the end of the steep climb. We only had a short stop as it was too cold to linger for long.

From the finca is is a lovely level walk to the restaurant on the Col de Rates. Even the cold wind could not take away from the lovely views of Parcent and the Orba valley beyond leading to the coast.

Margaret, left above, suggested that we have a coffee in the restaurant, and there were no objections. I was not sure that the management would welcome us in our walking boots, but it was very quiet and I think they welcomed the custom. It was lovely and warm, with a blazing fire in one corner. And very cosy with all of the Christmas decorations already in place. It was however not easy to get everyone going again when we have finished our coffee!

By the time we started downhill the sun was shinning, though the wind was very cold. We made our way to our usual lunch spot, and found some shelter from the wind behind some rocks. Even in the sun it was not warm, the wind being very cold, but with our jackets on and our backs to the wind it was ok for a short break. Then the long downhill walk along very good tracks to Parcent and the cars. Despite the drop in temperatures it was still a lovely walk.