Monday, May 18, 2009

2 Feb 2009 - Monday Club Campell Walk

Having done the recce for this walk the previous month, David and I were confident we could find the way and had selected good spots to have a break.

We all met at Tormos and walked through the village to Isbert Dam. Then it would be through the disused tunnel and up the hill to Fontilles. Another climb would take us to lunch at Campbell. Then down through the village, back downhill to the railway tunnel and back through the valley to Tormos.

Its only a short drive of about 6 miles to Tormos, where this walk starts. We begin by walking through the valley towards Isabert Dam.

We soon came upon this poor little black dog. He had a quite distinct limp, which Peter thought was the result of ill treatment. He was delighted to be made a fuss of, and we were all happy to do so

Peter makes a new friend. We are always ready to be distracted and call a halt. It might be a flower, a pretty view or in this case a stray dog.

For those who have not done the walk before, a stop at the dam is recommended. Very impressive view of this folly. After the dam was built it was discovered that the water soaked away into the underground lakes and rivers.

Most of us walked down to the dam to have a look. Peter went further, and climbed the rusty hand rails right to the top of the dam. The rest of us just took the opportunity for a rest and a drink of water.

Pat and the more daring members of the group walked to the head of the dam along the disused railway track.

A group photo with a background of the blossoms and the mountain village of Campell.

Lunch was at the isolated church just above Campell. Plenty of places to sit and enjoy our picnic lunch. Often on these walks we are lucky to get a pointed rock to sit on.