Tuesday, May 26, 2009

16 Feb 2006 - Monday Club Bolulla Walk

Bolulla Castle is one of our favourite walks in the mountains around Castells de Castell. We have walked it many times, and today it was to be our Monday Club walk.

Cold and bright, if not sunny, as we set off on the valley walk to Bolulla Castle

The mountains can be just as impressive on a cloudy day as on the more usual sunny and cloudless

Rosemary, David and Jan enjoy a chat during the short "water stop" . Too cold to sit around for too long.

Lunch was at the bottom of the Boulla Castle hill. Ann had done the complete walk, but Pat drove to Boulla and met us at the lunch area.

David and Rosemary enjoy lunch

Margaret and Heinz had not been with us for a few weeks, so it was really nice to see them back again.
Immediately after lunch there is a steep climb uphill to reach the path back to the cars. The "A Team" set off at a brisk pace ahead of us lesser mortals. When they got to the top they had to wait for us to complete the climb. We were pleased to see that they were freezing by the time we got there!

The "Z Team" finally reach the top, very pleased with ourselves and not a single one out of breath.

The path back to the cars provides lovely views of the surrounding mountains, but none more impressive than this interesting "eye".