Thursday, May 14, 2009

19 Jan 2009 - Monday Club Pinos Walk

Our first walk with the Monday Club was from Penos. There was a good turn out for this popular walk.

Pat was leading, and wanted to put in an extension, which she had not done a recce for but was pretty sure she knew the route.

Jan had a bad case of flu over the Christmas break, and was not feeling too strong. So we were not too happy to be taking on a walk which might prove more difficult that we had anticipated.

We did the extension, and did not get lost, so all ended well.

The usual group photo taken at the start of the walk

We started to climb straight away, and were soon rewarded with lovely views

Penos is a small village in the moutains, so we had all around views

Another very enjoyable walk, and an excellent start to the new year.