Monday, July 6, 2009

1 Jul 2009 - Dave and Sue BBQ

27 Jun 2009 - Morpeth Family Farm

Last year Stuart told us that Jack's favourite day out was a family farm near Morpeth, where there are lots of animals to handle and things to ride around on. So we gave them an annual ticket as a Christmas present. And of course they were anxious to show us what it is like.

Morpeth is back in the north of course. Stuart always insists that the weather is just as good there as it is in the soft south. And you will notice that he is not wearing a coat. However you will also notice that the rest of us are!

It was also raining. Now rain means nothing to a three year old, and it certainly did not cramp Jack's style at all. Indeed it added a new attraction - jumping in water puddles. But a mum has to be more aware, and Michelle brought a complete change of clothes for Jack. We brought a picnic lunch, but of course it was too wet to eat at the picnic site. However there was also an indoor picnic area - very canny these northerners.

23 Jun 2009 - Visit to Salisbury Cathedral

Jan had worked in the Salisbury Cathedral for 11 years, most of that time in the Visitors Office, before we moved to Spain. This was the first opportunity we had to return to Salisbury since we left, and she naturally wanted to meet up with old friends.

Three of her old colleagues, Lesley, Helen and Dene, arranged a picnic in on the lawn in front of the cathedral. It was very English, and very enjoyable. They talked cathedral business and what had changed since she left, and I enjoyed the picnic.

Lovely day - thanks to Lesley, Helen and Dene.