Monday, October 26, 2009

26 Oct 2009 - Gata circular

Today’s walk was a circular walk from Gata. It’s a walk we have done a few times before, and is memorable for the long, long climb up to the summit of Soldates

The first section is along an easy track and down to the dry river bed

Then a lovely section through the woods, particularly attractive on a nice sunny day like today.

Our first break was a short stop just before we started the climb. Being a very warm day we were all in need of lots of water – even before we started the on Soldates.

The path just goes up...

......and up and up

Reaching the top is a great sense of achievement, and a very welcome rest

And of course there are the views

And still more views

Having done all of that climbing, it was then downhill on a very difficult track to our lunch stop

Beside this lovely old ruined finca

Wiith stunning views of Montgo

After lunch the walk provided excellent views of and the coast

And still more of Montgo

Not to mention Gata itself

As we neared the town we passed this lovely olive tree

And finally to a well deserved very cold drink