Saturday, May 30, 2009

9 Mar 2009 - Monday Club Orba Castle

This is the second time we have led this walk with the Monday Club from Parcent to Orba Castle.

This river was supposed to be dry!

Because of the water we had to use a difficult track up to Murla

Just after this group photo was taken, Anne had a bad fall as we walked through Murla. However she insisted on completing the walk

This was one of the largest groups for a long time

Orba Castle is the largest hill on the right

The road leading to the castle suddenly comes to an abrupt end

Sylvia, David and Rosemary

The "B Team" show their appreciation for their leader (me!)

Its not usually this crowded at the castle

Coming down is more difficult than going up

Everyone was ready for a short break in Murla

The water was cold and very welcome

This is the restraurant that was closed because the owner did not have the necessary authority to open. It is rumoured that he lost €1 million on the deal

This was the family home, which was gutted when they moved out

Pat and David share a joke

7 March 2009 - Col de Rates walk

One of our favourite walks is the Col de Rates, which we can see from our naya. The walk takes about 5 hours, and it graded by CBMW as Moderately Streneous.