Sunday, June 7, 2009

27 Apr 2009 - Richard and Avril Col de Rates

We only had a morning to do this walk, as Richard and Avril had to get to Alicante for their flight home. They were keen to visit the Col de Rates, as they could see it from our naya. So we drove to the restraurant via the viewpoint, and walked part of the route. Its a very pleasant walk, and we had excellent weather. A little cool, but clear enough to see the view of the Jalon and Orba valleys and all the way to the coast.

I hope it went some way to make up for the previous day walk to Benimeli aerials.

24 Apr 2009 - Richard and Avril Benimeli Walk

It really was not the right day for climbing a mountain! However we had promised Richard and Avril that we would take them up to the aerials at Benimeli, and they were keen to do it. The weather was overcast as we left Parcent, but I could see that it was even worse at Benimeli. When we got to the village we could not even see the aerials. I suggested an alternative, but they asked to do it anyway - so we did.

As we climbed the weather got worse and worse, and by the time we reached the lunch spot at the end of the ridge it was raining. We had a hurried lunch, which reminded me more of the Scottish Highlands than the Spanish Hills.

Despite knowing the track very well, we still lost it a couple of times making our way back to the aerials. However we quickly found it, and the weather improved slightly as we returned downhill.

What a shame that the one day they had available for the walk it had to be so miserable. Hope that they enjoyed the experience anyway.

23 Apr 2009 - Richard and Avril Jalon Walk

This was Richard and Avrils first visit to Parcent. They had asked to do some walking, and we always feel that this is a good first walk for a variety of reasons. First it is a valley walk, with the option of returning along a slightly higher route along the side of Col de Rates. Second it is a very attractive walk, with lovely views of the orange groves and the local mountains. And thirdly it has many cafes in Jalon where we can have a sit and drink before deciding which route to tackle on the way back. Richard and Avril were keen to do the more difficult higher route.

14 Apr 2009 - Paul and Jean Alcalali Walk

With an afternoon to spare, what better way to spend it than to walk to Alcalali. Its a lovely walk, about an hour each way, across the "campo" and through orange groves with views of the Col de Rates. There is a nice little cafe in Alcalali to have a sit and drink before returning to Parcent. Today we were fortunate to pass the horse and carriage as we got back to Parcent.