Monday, October 12, 2009

12 Oct 2009 - Tormos to Campell

This is a very local walk for us, as Tormos is just a few miles from Parcent. Despite that we were the last to arrive at the car park, and were surprised to find so many cars. There were 19 for this popular walk, one of the largest groups I have know for the Monday Club.

The walk starts through the village of Tormos and then out into the campo, with lovely views of Cavell Verde on the right and the walls of the leper hospital at Fontilles on the right.

We did not stop at Isbert Dam, but started to climb up to the railway line which was laid to build the dam.
Then it was through the rail tunnel, quite long but tall and wide, and you can see the exit after just a short time in total darkness.

The tunnel exit and a relieved Ann who does not like the tunnel, but was prepared to face it in order to enjoy the rest of the walk.

Now we have gained a little height there are lovely views Montgo and the coast at Denia

Quite a steep climb to Fontilles home of the leper hospital which is still operational and trains doctors and nurses from all over the world.

Another climb through the woods to the picturesque music room and a well deserved rest

The walk continues through more woods, and this is one of my favourite parts of the walk

This is probably as near as any of our local walks get to a walk in the woods back in UK. The trees are rather different, but the impression similar. Its lovely walking through the woods on a warm sunny day along a dappled path.

As we pass through the woods there are views of the Campell on the opposite side of the valley.

Lunch was at this lovely little church. It was quite hot, and our group scattered to find some shade. But I insisted on a group photo with the church as a background. This one is unusual as Jan took it, and there I am included in the group (front left)

This is the view from the church - not bad for a picnic lunch stop. And just look at that blue sky. And we can expect this sort of weather most days now right through the winter and spring.