Wednesday, May 27, 2009

21 Feb 2006 - Orba Castle Recce Walk

Orba Castle is one of our local walks, and we had already used it for a Monday Club walk last year. However then we did a linear walk, and we wanted to see if we could find a circular walk. Rather than risk getting lost with the group, we decided to do a recce. David, Rosemary and Pat agreed to join us.

Rosemary, David, Pat and Jan at the start of the walk

We stopped just before Murla to look around the deserted restraurant. It opened about a year ago, and cost €1 million. The owner was not "legal" and it was eventually closed down and he was bankrupt. The place is now abandoned.

From Murla we took the road to Orba Castle

Just before we started to climb Orba hill

Pat, Jan, David and Rosemary

The road comes to an abrupt end, and provides a lovely view towards Orba

David and Rosemary as we start to climb

The first part of the walk is over large rocks, and it was this part we wanted to check would be OK for the Monday Club

Half way up

Rosemary making good progrress

We soon join the track we usually use

Pat just before reaching the top

There is always plenty of choice of good picnic site at the top

Rosemary and Jan at the top

David did tell me the name of these butterflies, but I have forgotten. Orba Castle seems to be a favourite with them, as we saw them last time as well.

Taking a well deserved rest

We had a good break before starting the return journey

One final photocall before we start down

Back in the vally, its a long, but easy, walk back to Parcent

Back home, what better than a nice cup of tea!

We agreed that it would be a good walk for the Monday Club, but that it might be best to do the actual climb in two groups.