Sunday, October 18, 2009

17 Oct 2009 - Tarbena Circular

Its almost two years since we last did this walk. It starts in the mountain village of Tarbena. David is not checking the route, he is explaining it to Jan and Rosemary.

Tarbena is lovely, very Spanish, mountain village about half an hours drive from Parcent. The whole drive is through beautiful scenery but on a very narrow and winding road. David drove today, so for a change I could sit back and enjoy the lovely scenery.

David doing his “great explorer” pose. We were quite surprised to find that there were other walkers, though not as many as last week on Bernia. This was another walk with easy access, as it starts from a village.

You don’t have to walk very far from Tarbena to be right in the mountains. Within half an hour we had reached a spot with spectacular views towards the distant mountain range.

Apart from leisure walkers we also saw some local hunters. We first heard them, as their dogs had bells on. At first we thought it must be a goat herder, but when we saw them in the distance we could see that it was dogs. We later passed the two hunters on the way back to Tarbena, but they were as gruff as ones we had met before. I think they resent people walking in their mountains in the same way that fishermen resent walkers along river footpaths.

Jan, David and Rosemary. David has led this walk before for the Monday Club group, but it was almost two years ago. Jan and I were so impressed with the walk that we suggested that it was about time the Monday Club did it again, but David thought it might be a little short. The group has been tackling more difficult walks over the past year or so, and he felt this might not be challenging enough. But its such a lovely area that it would be a shame not to put it on again for the group.

We came across this field of flowers, and I could tell that the sun was in the wrong place. So I was not sure how this photo would look. But actually I quite like it.

This was one of those walks where you are spoilt for lovely scenic photos

Our lunch stop involved another short climb. But it was obviously a popular spot, because the track was well marked with cairns.

It was such a pleasant spot that we had an extended lunch break. Unlike last week on Bernia when the cloud came down during our lunch break, today was sunny and warm and we could have easily spent all afternoon there. Just as well we didn’t, for just as were leaving a group of young Spanish walkers arrived.

Yet another spectacular view of the surrounding mountain range

David went dangerously close to a steep fall to get a photo of us, and was told off by Rosemary. Not that he seems particularly bothered!

Almost at the end of the walk. Jan, David and Rosemary look back over the route we had walked.

Jan and Rosemary deep in conversation walking down the path to Tarbena.

A typical narrow street in Tarbna – obviously not designed for cars. And strange how you don't notice the urgent need of a new coat of paint on some of the houses when you are walking around there.

The café where we had a drink commerates the Spanish Civil War. The walls are decorated by period newspapers and posters. We all agreed that when we return with the Monday Club we will take advantage of the menu del dia which is only 10 euro.