Wednesday, May 20, 2009

4 Feb 2009 - Almond Blossoms

For a couple of weeks each February the Jalon valley is covered with Almond blossoms. It is often windy at this time of year, and strong winds can shorted the period to a few days. We are particularly lucky, because at the end of our road is a particularly lovely view up the valley towards Murla.

Each year the Jalon Valley Help, a local charity, organise a walk in the Jalon valley to view the blossoms. However as this is a local walk for us, we choose a nice sunny day and do a circular walk from Parcent to Jalon.

The whole valley seems to be carpeted in blossoms

The view from our naya of Parcent and the blossoms beyond. Its normally a very beautiful sight, but at this time of year the colour is amazing.

This is the view from the bottom of our road, looking towards Murla. This is one of the best views of the blossoms we have seen.

Another view from the bottom of the road. Its so impressive it hardly seems worthwhile to go on to the 8 mile walk to Jalon and back.

Again from the bottom of our road, this time looking towards Murla (left) and the Orba valley (right). If you look carefully you can see the wall of the Fontilles hospital, which used to be a leper colony and is now a research and training centre.