Saturday, May 16, 2009

24 Jan 2009 - David and Rosemary Tormos Walk

In December we had done a walk in this area with CBMW, and David thought we could make a Monday Club walk out of it. We decided to do a recce with Rosemary and Jan.

The walk was from Tormos village to Isbert Dam. Then through the disused rail tunnel and uphill to Fontilles. Uphill again to Campbell, where we would have lunch. Then we had to find a path back down to the dam and from there back to Tormos.

We had walked in this area quite a bit, and although unsure about some parts of the route were confident we could find it ok.

David, Rosemary and Jan have a short break after the tunnel

Though bright and sunny it was very cold

Quite a steep climb uphill to Fontilles

No trouble with the path, and we are on the last stretch

We all agreed it would be a very suitable walk for the Monday Club