Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snow in Parcent

No walking in the hills this week! It started on Sunday with overcast gloomy skies, which turned to rain by late afternoon. By nighttime it was heavy rain, which was to continue for 36 hours.

We woke on Monday morning to heavy rain and strong winds and worse of all bitterly cold. But even worse was to come. By lunch time we had our first power failure. Not just the lights, but also the water. This was to continue throughout the whole day and all night. The main problem is that we never know whether it will last for five minutes or five hours. It comes and goes throughout the day and night.

Incidentally Monday was also our 41st wedding anniversary. We had planned to go out for a meal, but couldn't be bothered to get dressed up in the dark, and as the power cut was throughout Parcent, and Monday is closing day for most restaurants, it was unlikely that anything would be open anyway. But with a roaring fire and candle light it was quite a romantic meal. Fortunately we cook with gas so Jan was able to make the dinner - also by candlelight.

Then on Tuesday morning we woke up to the first snow we have had in our four years here in Parcent. Only a light scattering on the mountain tops, but unusual enough to take a few photographs. And of course our usual blue skies. By lunchtime it was warm enough to eat lunch on the naya and even have a little snooze afterwards.

But when the sun goes down so does the temperatures. Winter has arrived and our annual battle with the cold. These houses are designed for keeping cool in the summer, not for keeping warm in the winter.

The forecast is for slightly warmer weather and no more rain. So it looks like back to normal next week.

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